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About Virtual Reality Schools

Welcome to Virtual Reality Schools about section. Virtual Reality Schools is a platform that we are developing to help students, teachers and tutors find virtual reality and augmented reality content for education and virtual reality learning. The Virtual Reality Schools company is part of the founders of the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub. At the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub we are actively developing content for Virtual Reality Schools and the Virtual Reality University platform.

We have identified virtual reality and augmented reality education as one of the best mediums to learn in and we are developing a system to help students and teachers access high-quality education content in VR and AR. At the moment there is a world wide shortage of quality virtual reality education content. Our founder Mr Gerald Ferreira have been developing virtual reality content from as early as 1998. He has developed several bespoke Virtual Reality solutions for some International as well as local companies. Some of his clients include Mastercard, Glencore, ARRB Systems, ACGO, Lexus, Massey Ferguson, Barcleys Bank, First National Bank and Standard Bank to name a few. He is one of the founders of the Virtual Reality Schools program and bring a wealth of information to the development process of the Virtual Reality Schools platform.

How is the Virtual Reality School platform structured?

about virtual reality schools


Our mission is to create first world virtual reality education solutions for students, schools, teachers and universities. Our aim is to simulate key learning modules to enhance learning and bring educational infrastructure to everyone. Our secondary objective is to empower 3rd parties like teachers or software developers with the tools and resources to create their own virtual reality and augmented reality education software. Our third mission is to develop content that can be used by Private Schools, Government Schools, Home Schools and Previous disadvantaged groups! Our fourth mission is to build the Virtual Reality School platform as a Multiverse experience or more commonly referred to as a Metaverse platform for education where not only education is supported but also a social platform where students can interact with each other in a multi-user environment!


We are actively seeking to create partnerships with Schools, Universities and Businesses across the globe that shares in our mission to create quality virtual reality and augmented reality experiences! If you are part of a organization that wants to partner with the Virtual Reality Schools platform you can send a email to info@virtual-reality.school for more information!

When it comes to technology, teachers are struggling in finding new ways for students to learn and pay attention to what they are learning. Home technologies like gaming consoles, the internet and mobile phones and tablets that are highly advanced can be even harder to compete with when they’re not present or used by young children who have access to these technologies at home. Virtual Reality Schools aims to change this by making learning fun, engaging and interactive! Join us on our journey to change the world of education for the better!

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